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A clean car not only makes your drive pleasant but also removes any kind of distraction that may interfere with your driving.Dirt, dust, and spilled liquids result in excess wear and tear of the interior and upholstery of the vehicle.


Polishing your car that actually sorts out issues in the paint, removes scratches, brightens up dull or faded paintwork, gets rid of swirl marks, oxidation and other contaminants and leaves the paint smooth, clean and shiny. Yes wax does help paintwork to shine but it’s function is also to protect paintwork that has been polished.

Paintless Dent Repair

Here are some benefits of a Dent Detail PDR for you and your car besides the experience of our PDR technicians with cars.
* Save Time
 since there is no repainting and drying involved, you will not have to wait for days to get your car back. You save a lot of downtime, which you can otherwise spend enjoying your car.
* Save Money you don’t have to pay extra for fillers or the expensive paint of your Car, which results in huge savings for you. You only pay for the skill and experience of a Dent Detail PDR technician.
* Save Originality and Resale Value
 most importantly, you save the original paint coat of your car. Hence, you save its resale value, which we all know can fetch a hefty price.

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Price List

different plans for different user needs.

Light polishing



  • 1-step polish
  • Removal of very light scratches
  • Optimal shine
  • Recommended for cars with very light signs of use or new cars.
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Medium polish



  • 2-step polishing
  • Removal of light to medium deep scratches.
  • Removal of oxidation, smudges, holograms.
  • Recommended for vehicles with typical signs of use, also the most popular treatment for most vehicles.
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Heavy polish



  • Multi-step polishing
  • Removal of medium to deep scratches
  • Removal of oxidation, smudges, holograms
  • Recommended for vehicles with a lot of signs of use
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Exterior cleaning



  • Washing and drying
  • Wheel washing
  • Wheel arches
  • TAR cleaning
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Interior cleaning



  • The interior is very thoroughly vacuumed, with the help of a tornador the mats and floor covering are thoroughly blown out
  • Cleaning the dashboard and center console
  • Cleaning door panels
  • Cleaning and nourishing leather seats
  • Cleaning fabric seats
  • Treating plastic parts
  • Cleaning windows without streaks
  • Large car from + €20
  • In case of serious pollution or a lot of dog / cat hair, an additional cost may be charged
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Deep cleaning carpets and mats



  • Cleaning car carpet
  • Cleaning car mats
  • Shampoo Extraction
  • Removing stains and dirt
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Ozone treatment



  • Deodorize car interior
  • Removing bad odors
  • Ozone gas neutralizes in the smallest corners
  • Only possible after an interior cleaning
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Optional treatments

  • Clean roof from €25
    Stains or dirt in the headliner can be gently removed with specifically designed cleaning agents.
  • Deep clean seats
    2 seats €39
    3 seats €59
    5 seats €99
    7 seats €139
    Floor covering cleaning €99
  • Waxing €35
  • Engine bay cleaning €39
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PDR - Paintless Dent Repair

  • The price depends on the size and complexity of the dent.

    You can also send me a photo of the dent on mail, whatsapp, instagram, facebook. and I will tell you the price for dent repair.

    Disassembly and Assembly of car body parts and interior parts for access to Dents has a separate price.
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All our prices do not include 21% VAT


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